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    Karal Cookware is absolutely hygenic and healthy due to the non-coated nature of Karal's hard anodized cookware, any kind of hazardous contamination or ion leaching is prevented during using karal's cookware and the taste of the food will not change at all.

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Karal ARNIKA 6 Pieces Ladle And Skimmer Set

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Karal ARNIKA 6 Pieces Ladle And Skimmer Set

  • High quality stainless steel “18/10” , has been used to produce, corrosion resistant ability.
  • Modeling follow the principle of human body engineering, and grasp the comfortable more conveniently.
  • Mirror polished for more elegant.
  • Beautiful appearance, reveal life grade.


  • Spatula (370*100 mm)
  • Skimmer (380*123 mm)
  • Slotted Spatula (375*80 mm)
  • Pasta server (340*83 mm)
  • Ladle (335*90 mm)
  • Stand (430*160 mm)