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    Karal Cookware is absolutely hygenic and healthy due to the non-coated nature of Karal's hard anodized cookware, any kind of hazardous contamination or ion leaching is prevented during using karal's cookware and the taste of the food will not change at all.

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    Karal Hard Anodized Cookware Sets
    Karal Hard Anodized Pots
    Karal Hard Anodized Pans
    Karal Kitchen Tools
    Karal Kettle with teapot
    Karal Pressure Cooker

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    Karal building, corner of sarafraz alley, in front of gholhak subway station, shariati st, Tehran- Iran.
    Tel number: 00982128490
    Fax number: 00982128491
    Email: info@karal.ir
    Instagram: karal.ir
    Telegram Channel: karal_ir
    Back up telegram service: karal_eshop

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