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    Karal Cookware is absolutely hygenic and healthy due to the non-coated nature of Karal's hard anodized cookware, any kind of hazardous contamination or ion leaching is prevented during using karal's cookware and the taste of the food will not change at all.

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    Karal Hard Anodized Cookware Sets
    Karal Hard Anodized Pots
    Karal Hard Anodized Pans
    Karal Kitchen Tools
    Karal Kettle with teapot
    Karal Pressure Cooker

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    Karal building, corner of sarafraz alley, in front of gholhak subway station, shariati st, Tehran- Iran.
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Frequently asked questions

Why karal is a green technology??

Because we do not use any chemical and harm full additives or ingredients in our productions and with its nature made structure, karal is easily recyclable.

Is Karal dish machine safe??

No, please never try dish machine for any hard- anodized products.

why karal is hygienic??

 Because it does not have any chemical coated materials.

Can we put karal into oven??

Yes, you can use it in this way but before that cover handles with Aluminum foils.

Is Karal non- stick??

Karal is light non- stick that means you have to heat it for moments before cooking. karal does not have any chemical coating that cause of light non- stick situation for its life time.

What about guarantee??

Karal hard anodized cookware have 7 years guarantee.