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    Karal Cookware is absolutely hygenic and healthy due to the non-coated nature of Karal's hard anodized cookware, any kind of hazardous contamination or ion leaching is prevented during using karal's cookware and the taste of the food will not change at all.

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    Karal Hard Anodized Cookware Sets
    Karal Hard Anodized Pots
    Karal Hard Anodized Pans
    Karal Kitchen Tools
    Karal Kettle with teapot
    Karal Pressure Cooker

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    Karal building, corner of sarafraz alley, in front of gholhak subway station, shariati st, Tehran- Iran.
    Tel number: 00982128490
    Fax number: 00982128491
    Email: info@karal.ir
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About Karal

Our history:

Creating healthy moments with you all year long.

For 20 years now. Karal has been supporting Iranian families in their daily lives.

In whole of past years we are trying to increase health and happiness by produce hard anodized cook wares. Now is the suitable time to enjoy from our prideful history together, history of success and happiness.

Karal history line:

OUR Skills:

Our skills are in produce healthy products with high quality standards our professional teams in different fields such as “R&D”, design and marketing have an integrated attempt to find costumers needs and wants.

Our vision:

We haunt to become the most popular brand by top share of market in middle- east until 2030.

We are also trying to start marketing and branding in “CIS” CONNTRIES.

Our mission:

Our mission is to give you the most hygienic and healthy kitchen ware and cookware by best quality.

We are also trying to support our customers by suitable sales and after sales services.

Why karal ?

Because we are responsible for all of your needs and questions.

Our services set up in an organized approach from helping to select suitable products and continue forever.

Totally our costumer care’s services are beyond normal standards.

Our history:

1995: karal was founded by Dr. Mirmohammad sadeghi and for the first time in the Middle East, hard anodized cookware were produced.

1996: Germany quality control organization for chemical and food products approved karal as a healthy cookware.

2000: society of inventors and innovators of Iran appreciated karal for invention of healthy hard anodized formula.

2002: Iran National patent issued patent to Karal for exclusive utilization of hard anodized technology.

2005: national innovation festival appreciated karal for great national achievement.

2013: Management prestige award by jack canfield organization.

2014: certification of customer satisfaction by Iran National association for consumer protection for the best consumer care services.

2015: Acknowledgement of Iran standard national organization for high quality production.

2016: karal attempted to develop its product portfolio by new high quality and healthy kitchen accessories.